A fond memory from a dark time

A fond memory from a dark time

A fond memory from a dark time

An eight year old story but still fun.

I was visiting a friend “Jim” and his girlfriend “Zoey” for the weekend. Zoey was hot as fuck. 5’8″, hourglass body. Full and plump c-cups. Pouty lips, brown hair the went past her shoulder blades, doleful amber eyes, the whole damn package. For the sake of completion Jim looks like a member of Nsync in their prime. And I look like a grumpier version of Hoss from Bananza.

I was in a deep depression having just lost my dad to cancer six months before. And a month after his death I found out my then girlfriend “Kate” was cheating on me. Needless to say she wasn’t a part of my life anymore. So Jim and Zoey often had me over fairly often so I wasn’t alone.

The first night I was there the three of us sat down to watch a movie. Nothing too dirty just a cheesy coming of age comedy, that Jim and Zoey figured Ihadto watch. It was a small place so the TV was in the bedroom. The bed was just a mattress on the floor. I was sitting with my back to one wall, the TV to my left and the two of them snuggling on the bed to my right. For a movie theater like experience we had also turned off the lights.

About half way through the movie I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

Looking over I found that Jim had quietly ripped a hole in the front of Zoey’s gym shorts and had stated fingering her (she decided not to wear any underwear that day.) This got both of them hot and ready so she had shoved/rolled him onto his back and rode him hard! And I meanhard!

After a minute I figured I wasn’t going to get invited to join so I thought ‘Fuck it!’ And unzipped my jeans, whipped out my now rock hard, and aching cock and started stroking it just as hard as she was riding him, my precum had me fairly lubed up. As she was facing me I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous tits, the arch of her back straining them against the tight blue tank top she wore. My ears were glued to her saprano moans and loud gasps. Before I knew it I was cuming so hard my body shook from the release. I hadn’t even masturbated sense my break up, so it was quite the load too. I cleaned up the floor with towel from the nearby hamper, but I think the stain is still there to this day.

Zoey came a minute or two later her body shaking like mine had. And leaving Jim on the bed in a near comatose state, she came over and sat down beside me, her eyes glazed over. “Have fun?” I asked. Eyes still glazed, but regaining some focus she just looked at my dick, which by now was regaining it’s stiffness, and smiled. I smiled back. She then leaned over and out of nowhere gave my dick a soft, slow kiss. Before I could do/say anything she crawled back over to the bed and fell asleep, snoring sweetly. Confused but satisfied physically, I put myself away and walked outside to have a smoke. My friend joined me a minute later on shaking legs and told me how it started, telling me that in the heat of the moment they forgot I was even in the room. We then finished the cigarettes and then the movie.

They broke up a few years later while I was in a committed relationship, I found out from her that one: she actually had a crush on me but never acted on it beyond what she did cause she didn’t want to ruin my friendship with her now ex. Two: she never forgot I was in the room and figured that was the closest we were ever going to get to fucking each other. That was the last time we truly talked.

Fast forward to the present. I revisit it often. To this day it still makes me cum so hard. Especially sense my gf is now my most recent ex. She had too many trust issues.

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A fond memory from a dark time