Lesbian adoption uk

Lesbian adoption uk

Lesbian adoption uk Tag: lesbian adoption uk Gemma Gordon-Johnson, head of service at First4Adoption, the government-funded information service for people interested in adopting in England, says that the organisation is renewing its focus on potential LGBT adopters in He supported efforts to have Catholic adoption agencies exempted from sexual orientation regulations, which were ultimately successful in a judgement given on 17 March If efforts currently underway to recruit more LGBT adopters are successful, she adds, this would be a positive step for children waiting for homes, including those who are harder to place, such as sibling groups, who tend to wait much longer than others. Stonewall — the UK-wide lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, provides information about all aspects of parenting including adoption. A recent UK study shows, for instance that: Because the numbers are small adoption agencies may not have experience of transgender people who wish to adopt.

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Lesbian adoption uk