Vickie’s Anniversary Ride

Vickie’s Anniversary Ride

Vickie’s Anniversary Ride

This is another of those Vickie and Tom stories. Vickie told it the night the guys were at the driving range and a group of us wives (and others!) gathered on my back patio. They all arrived within a few minutes of each other and Tobias (our lab-Sheppard mix rescue) greeted each one by running up and jamming his nose into their crotch. Now, some of the girls just pushed him away with a nervous giggle, but I knew just what he was looking for. Tobias and I have a ‘relationship’ and I’m pretty sure that, when he smelled five new pussies coming into his domain, he wanted to see if any were on their period or ripe for breeding. He got a rise out Becky, who I would guess was on her period by the way she pushed him away from her crotch, but he gave a real reaction to Monica (Nikki) and Lynn as he started wagging his tail and pushing real hard. Both girls just patted his head and ignored him (I know for a fact that both have large male dogs, and I had assumed both were being serviced by them as I was by Tobias, but their reaction answered my unspoken question!).  After a few bottles of wine, the real stories started to come out! I already told you the story of Vickie and Toms ‘rough camping’ weekend. Here’s another story Vickie shared with us.

Early the spring of our third year married, I had a few days off, having worked a weekend ‘on-call’ for Casey, another girl on our team. It was Monday, and I was enjoying an infrequent day of solo shopping. As I turned into our housing development, I passed Leslie’s house and saw Brad, her husband, slowly wheeling his motorcycle out towards the curb, a big “FOR SALE” sign hanging from the handlebars. I stopped the car and got out, walking around to meet him halfway up the driveway.

“Hey, Brad. Are you really selling this thing?” I asked (somewhat stupidly, since he had a big sign on it!).

“Yeah,” he said disgustedly. “Ever since we found out that Leslie was pregnant, she’s been after me to get rid of it. You know how I love this bike! Leslie and I met on this thing! She always said it was what first attracted her to me! Now she wants me to get rid of it. God damn it, I sure don’t understand you girls!”

Now, Tom had been talking about a bike for some time. He had even admired Brad’s 5-year-old Honda (why, I can’t imagine, but then again, I’m not a guy and bikes seem to be a ‘guy thing’ for sure!). I sympathized with Brad for a few minutes, telling him that girls often changed priorities when they’re pregnant and not to be too worried about it – Leslie would get back to her old self in time (“Yeah – about when the little squeaker is ready for college!” he said). Anyway, I asked him what he was selling it for. He named a figure, which I thought was reasonable (as if I had any basis for comparison!) and I could cover easily from my saving account. I know that this bike was a driving passion with Brad and that he’s a fanatic about maintenance, so it just had to be in great shape.

It was about 2 weeks before our anniversary and I had been racking my brains trying to find just the right gift for Tom, something special, something I knew he wanted, something he would have for a long time. I knew he had already gotten me something, as he came running home last week, went right up to our bedroom and put something in the wall safe. Tom keeps EVERYTHING! When we first moved in together, I found receipts from the Army-Navy Store for uniforms he purchased BEFORE he went to Iraq! I asked him what he expected to do with these and he told me that, someday, he might need them. I leave his stuff alone, but God alone knows what he has stashed away in boxes around the house! He told me not to go into the safe unless it was an emergency, so I knew he had stashed my present there. This motorcycle was PERFECT!

I wrote Brad out a check and asked him to keep the bike in his garage. He said he would arrange the title transfer to me. I told him I wanted to surprise Tom and to fill out the papers in his name. What an anniversary surprise I had in store for my ‘big guy’!

A few days later, on the evening before our anniversary, I suggested we go for a walk. Tom was reluctant, but agreed (after a little ‘coaxing’ on my part). We walked and talked about the day’s events, causally passing in front of Leslie and Brad’s house. “Oh, let’s stop in for a quick chat!” I suggested. “I haven’t seen Leslie in quite awhile and I want to see how she’s doing.” In we went. Tom and Brad are pretty good friends and they went off to talk about ‘guy stuff’. I sat with Leslie and she complained about the pregnancy and how fat she felt (“My God, she’s in her fifth month and she still looks GREAT! Hardly a ‘baby bump’ at all!” I thought). She asked if I had told Tom yet about the bike and I told her I was going to do that right now. Brad had called me that day and had the title transfer papers and all the other stuff ready; all Tom had to do was sign. Leslie gave me the envelope with the papers.

We found the guys in the garage, Tom looking over Brad’s bike, a look of longing in his eyes. I still couldn’t figure out why guys lusted after bikes! Must be a holdover from their boyhood days! I walked up behind him and slipped the papers into his hand. “What’s this?” he asked, glancing at the papers.

“They’re the papers for Brad’s bike! Your bike now! You own it! Happy Anniversary!” I shouted, jumping up and down and laughing at the look that came over his face. Shock, surprise, excitement all rolled into one! It’s not easy to surprise Tom. I can only think of once or twice I’ve been able to pull it off. I sure got him this time! “Vickie, did you do this? God damn, I LOVE YOU, GIRL!!” he exclaimed, grabbing me and squeezing the breath out of me.

Tom has had his license to drive one of these crazy things for some time now and wanted to take it out right then and there. Brad handed him his helmet. “You keep it. I won’t have much use for it for the foreseeable future,” he said dolefully looking at ‘fat’ Leslie, who just rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Men!” she exclaimed turning to me. Tom strapped on the helmet, mounted the bike, and started it up. What a GOD AWFUL noise! But I’ve seldom seen him happier, sitting there on this noisy machine. Ah, men indeed! He did look rather handsome, sort of “Rebel Without A Cause” handsome and I was so happy for him.

He slowly tooled down the driveway and headed out of the development. Brad, Leslie, and I stood in the driveway, laughing and chatting. Within a 10 minutes, we heard the sound of the bike, approaching from the other side of the development and Tom came wheeling back up the street, into the driveway. He pulled off the helmet, a huge smile on his face. “Damn, Brad! You took great care of this thing! It runs like new!”

Leslie and I went back in the house, leaving the ‘big boys’ to talk about Tom’s new toy. We had coffee and chatted (Leslie was waddling around like she was eight months gone instead of five!). She went into the hall closet and came back with her helmet. “I sure won’t be using this any time soon, so you might as well take it,” she said, handing it to me. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. “Well, now I’m all set!” I thought to my self, thanking her for the gift. We went back out to the garage, where I showed the helmet to Tom. By now it was getting dark, and I could see that Leslie was getting tired. Tom was eager to get me on the bike so we put on our helmets and he climbed on, motioning me to the small seat behind him. I looked at it with a degree of uncertainty. The seat he was on was fairly broad and well padded. The seat I was expected to perch on was narrow and didn’t look all that comfortable. “Oh, well, anything to please my man!” I thought. Leslie came over, smiled, and whispered in my ear, “Have a nice ride!”

I’ve never ridden on one of these things and, while I have full confidence in Tom, I was a little unsure of exactly how to proceed. I lifted one leg over the seat and sat down, the seat being even more uncomfortable than it looked! My legs were spread open, with my knees inside, touching the back of Tom’s legs. I placed my feet on the small bars that flipped out on either side of the frame. Tom turned and asked if I was ready. “Ready as I’ll ever be!” I exclaimed back, not at all sure of that statement! (Jesus, this seat was SMALL and very narrow!). He kicked the starter, the thing rumbled to life and he scooted back slightly, reaching one hand back to guide my arm from his shoulder down around his waist. I had to scoot back a little to allow him to move freely. Since I was already close to the back edge of the seat, I had to arch my back and tilt my hips forward and, suddenly, I understood why so many girls like to ride motorcycles!

The seat gently vibrates and I found that, with the angle I was sitting on it, and the way my hips were tilted, my clit was getting a really nice workout! My hips began to rock, ever so slightly, back and forth, applying just the right pressure to the firm, narrow, vibrating seat. “Christ! If this keeps up, I’ll have a climax right here!” I thought, hugging tightly to Tom as he eased the throttle in and we rolled down the driveway. He accelerated down the street, turning out onto the main road, and suddenly we were doing 45! He shifted several times (frankly, my mind was elsewhere about that point in time because the faster he went, the more the seat vibrated and the better it felt!). I was biting my lower lip to keep from screaming as an intense climax swelled up from my belly, my hips rocking now a lot faster, my panties soaked with the juices flowing from my pussy! No sooner than it passed, but I felt another one start as he turned out onto another road, going well over 60 now, the seat vibrating like something I keep in my night stand draw for those times that Tom is on a field assignment and I’m feeling ‘in the mood’! I couldn’t keep this up! If he didn’t get me off this thing, I would be reduced to a quivering bowl of jelly by the time I got home! I punched at his back and screamed at him to slow down and stop!

“What’s wrong!?!” he asked, as he pulled over to the curb about five miles from our house, thinking I was going to be sick.

I climbed gingerly off the bike. “Tom,” I gasped (when I could speak!), “do you realize EXACTLY where those super sensitive parts of my body you love so much are in relation to that seat? My clit is getting a total workout on this thing from the vibrations! I came when you started to accelerate! Didn’t you feel me rocking away back there?”

He started to laugh! “Yeah, I felt it. That’s one of the side benefits for girls who ride with bikers!”

“You sorry SOB! You KNEW!?! And you let me get on without warning me!?!”

“Well, Brad and Leslie were standing right there and I couldn’t very well tell you, ‘Vickie, you’re clit is going to get really worked up on this thing’, now could I? Besides, didn’t you see the way Leslie was looking at you? She was smiling when you first noticed the relationship between your seat and your clit. I’ll bet she had a few ‘fun rides’ on this thing! Brad told me that he’s pretty sure little ‘what’s its name’ got started after she rode that thing about five months ago! He swears they never even got out of the garage! She was on him like a fly on sugar as soon as the door went down! She dragged him into the back seat of his truck and just about banged his brains out!”

Now the “Have a nice ride!” comment Leslie made and her smile before we started made sense! That BITCH! She could have at least WARNED me!

Well, we rode home, my ass lifted ever so slightly so I wouldn’t got so totally sexed up and cum again, but I was still pretty worked up by the time we got the bike into our garage! What with the vibrations and the bumps bouncing me up and down on that narrow seat, my clit felt like it was on fire! All I wanted to do was GET LAID! Tom pulled his SUV out and parked it on the driveway, pulled the bike into the garage and started to take the plates off so I could return them to Brad tomorrow, when I went to get the bike registered in Tom’s name. I went into the house and upstairs. “Have to change my underwear” I thought. As I suspected, as soon as I skinned off my jeans, I got a strong whiff of my own sex! The panties were drenched! I was so sexed up at this point that I was almost frantic! I cleaned up and was putting on a fresh pair when I heard Tom come in from the garage.

“Vickie, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about that little side effect,” he said, coming into the bedroom just as I was buttoning my jeans, a big smile on his face, “but you see, it vibrates just as much for me as it does for you and has a very similar effect!” I glanced down at his crotch to see an absolutely fabulous erection pushing straight out from his tight jeans! “Well, what have we here?” I thought, an answering smile lighting up my face. “Every cloud has a silver lining!”

Tom crossed the room, making a grab for me. I ducked away from him. “Tom! I’m still pissed at you!” I yelled (not really, but it was fun to play ‘catch me if you can’, knowing the results of every game of this we’ve played; namely me on my back or knees, Tom laboring away between my spread legs, and I’m getting laid just like I want to be right now!). I darted out into the hallway and into the exercise room. As we found out, some of that equipment can be put to more than one use! Tom followed close on my heels and caught up to me by the weight bench. He spun me around so I was facing away from him, reached around, and caught both my hands in one of his. I was wiggling and twisting (not too hard – it was getting to the fun part now!) and he was working at the button on the front of my jeans. We were both laughing as the button opened, the zipper came down and his hand was reaching into the opening, seeking and finding my sex through the fresh panties (“Why did I bother putting clean ones on?” I wondered, as he proceeded to work his finger down and find my, oh so ready clit!). He hugged me tight from behind and picked me up off the floor. By now, I’m laughing and wiggling, trying to get more of his finger in contact with my sex.

He walked me towards the weight bench, my feet off the floor, my back pressed against his chest, his breath in my ear. We’re both giggling as he set me down in front of the narrow end of the bench and turned me around in his arms, his hand sliding out of my open jeans. He released my hands, hugging me to him, lowering his face and kissing me, his tongue darting into my open mouth. I grind my breasts against his chest, my hips and pubic mound against the huge bulge in his jeans. Neither of us is laughing anymore as we break the kiss and look into each others eyes.

His hands move to my waist, pulling the jeans down over my hips. As they pass over my ass, I sit down on the bench and raise my feet to get them off. He pulls my sneakers and jeans off together, casting them aside. My panties follow as I lay back on the bench and raise myself slightly as he tugs them over my hips and ass, pulling them down and off one foot, leaving them dangling from the other. I’m so damn wet down there! He stands in front of me, opening his jeans and pulling them down around his calves. His shorts follow and his erection springs free. “Oh, yes!” I breathe, reaching forward to grasp it, the head oozing that delicious fluid I’ve come to know and love over the past several years. I know what’s in store for me tonight and want to delay it as long as possible, making it better by the very act of delay!

I sit up, his cock directly in front of my face. I take the head and guide it into my mouth, sucking it deeply into my throat, swallowing it as he starts to gently rock forward and back, fucking my mouth as he knows he will shortly and surely be fucking my pussy! I taste his precum and it seems to ignite my passion, my lust for him. His hands are tangled in my hair as he pushes and pulls gently, gently sliding my mouth over his hardness, my tongue finding the sensitive underside of the rim at the head of his cock. One of my hands are on his hip, grasping the tight muscular flesh, the other wrapped (barely!) around the base of his cock. I’m able to take almost the entire length down to my hand, into my throat. I gag slightly as he thrusts a little harder. He senses this and withdraws from my mouth, a string of my saliva and his precum trailing to connect my lips to the head of his cock. His withdrawal leaves me feeling slightly empty.

He pulls my top over my head and I raise my arms so it can be removed. I’m left in only my socks and my bra, with my panties still wrapped around one ankle. My bra follows and now I’m naked before him. He quickly sheds his jeans, shorts and shirt, his body hard, the muscles standing out in sharp relief. As always, I’m in awe of this man, the man I love, the man I married. “God! What a HUNK!” I think, as I gaze up at him. He knows I’m wet; we both do! I can smell my own sex and I know just what that smell does to him! I want him so desperately!

I lie back on the bench, my feet still on the floor, my legs open. He kneels down in front of me, his hands pushing my legs open even further, and lifting them, placing the backs of my knees on his shoulders so he has total access to my pussy. “You’re opening like a flower, my love. Did you know that? God, you smell so wonderful! Let’s see if I remember the taste!” he says. (“You better remember – you just had a ‘sip’ of that ‘flower’ the day before yesterday!” I think, but don’t say, just letting out a low moan). His face descends to plant several small kisses on the lips of my vagina, his tongue sliding up and over my erect clit, sending shock waves through my body (so much better than that vibrating seat!). My hips start their dance, rising to meet his tongue. He licks, from top to bottom, pausing at the opening into my body, darting his tongue in and out, in and out, fucking me with his tongue, his fingers spreading me open for his invasion!

I sense a climax starting deep in my pussy, radiating upward, unstoppable (“Who would ever want to stop this!” I think), my hips now rising and falling in time to his lapping motions on my cunt. I groan out my climax, feeling the rush of fluid leaking out of me down there, his tongue busy lapping at me, driving me higher and higher. My head thrashes from side to side, my hair whipping across my face, my hands knotted in his hair, holding him there, grinding against his tongue as he spears again and again into me! My toes curl and I can feel the blood rush to my face and chest, goose bumps erupting on my arms and the backs of my thighs, across my breasts, the nipples erect and hard as pebbles. My legs quiver as I feel my pussy start to spasm as he slowly brings me down from the heights of my passion, preparing me for the next step, the step I now need as never before!

He lifts his face from between my legs, his body rising as he leans over me. I look down between our bodies, seeing the length of his cock as he guides it to the opening between the lips of my pussy. “Ah, my Vickie! Your ‘kitten’ is almost purring!” he whispers (he loves to call my vagina his ‘kitten’, and I love to hear him call it by that pet name!). The head easily parts the slick lips, sliding past the tighter ring at the opening to my vaginal canal. In one swift stoke, he drives the full length of himself into me! My back arches off the bench, my hips rolling down to bring the tip of my tingling clit into contact with the top of his embedded cock. A sense of delicious ‘fullness’ engulfs me, of being stretched wide by him, as he drives forward, rocking up and down, his hardness alternately applying and releasing pressure on the soft mass of my G-spot. Wonderful sensations flash through me as he starts to slide in and out of my distended pussy. I’m getting laid!

Again and again he fucks into me, driving me over the edge yet once more, my legs still hooked over his shoulders, his arms braced on either side of my head there on the bench, my hips pinioned beneath his driving hips, his heavy balls slapping at the cheeks of my ass every time he drives in. I can feel the entire length of his cock driving into me, my canal clamping down as I reach yet another climax, the very act driving the breath from my body so that I can barely breath! The feelings are so intense there is no room in my universe for anything other than this wonderful feeling of being fucked! His head rears back, his face locked in a grimace I know has nothing to do with pain. He’s about to cum, his sweat streaked chest rearing away from me, his back arched , his hips locked to mine!

He groans and I feel his semen spurt deep inside me, crashing into my cervix, flooding me with his essence! I hear him grunting, matched only by my own wild panting as the thought of what he’s doing to me ignites yet another climax, my last (I can’t take anymore! I’m spent with the effort!). On and on he pumps me full of his sperm and semen, the flood a hot presence inside me, so much that the excess is leaking out of me despite my clamping my PC muscles down on him with all my might. I feel the heat of his cum drip over my upturned ass, dribbling down between the cheeks, over the rosebud of my anus, pooling on the leather of the bench he’s having me on. With a final groan, he finishes, now gently rocking inside me, still hard, still there. My arms are wrapped around his head, my hands clasped behind his neck, my legs, with their dangling panties still on one ankle, resting on his shoulders. His head descends to mine, parting my legs as they slip off his shoulders to come to rest at his hips, his forehead contacting mine as I rise to meet him. We gently bump heads and I raise my face to receive his kiss. Our lips lock, much as our lower bodies are still locked together.

I pull back, looking him in the eyes. “Well, how was the ride?” I ask. “Which do you prefer; the Honda or me?”

He laughs. “Tough choice, baby! Tough choice!”

“You better choose this ‘ride’, you baboon! That Honda can’t do the things my ‘kitty’ can do!”

“How right you are, honey! How right you are!”

Well, that’s the story of Tom’s motorcycle. He still rides it, as do I, perched on the back of a new seat that’s much wider and deeper, so my pussy isn’t subjected to a vibration filled ride every time! Not that it isn’t the same ‘fun’. It’s just a little gentler on the ‘kitty’ and I can wait awhile (but not too long!) when we get back. We really enjoy it. And, you can rest assured that Tom enjoys the ‘rides’ he takes on his ‘kitty’!

Now that it’s spring, we see Brad and Leslie out walking the carriage with a baby girl (they named her Bethany), and we smile and laugh and coo over the little bundle of joy (not that I’m into that right now; my biological clock may be ticking, but its very muted!).

Oh, and my anniversary present? A set of one-caret diamond stud earrings – just what this girl wanted! What more could I ask for? A wonderful guy, a great home, safe, secure in his love.

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Vickie’s Anniversary Ride

Vickie’s Anniversary Ride

Vickie’s Anniversary Ride